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Our business is designed for Happy Warriors, those who desire permanent solutions to their problems. We're not into fanfare, drama, and hype --- just to work with you to uncover the hidden challenges and strategise with pure courage to face and defect those challenges.

When you win you give the Gratitude to your Creator first!

At NTSL (Network Trading Solutions Leadershift) we believe that a Business, Investment or Marriage journey is not a 100-meter Sprint; it is a Marathon. This is the ethos of the founder, David Eyiangho [Evolving Coach | Author | Entrepreneur | Investor], since 1994.

NTSL core background has been in Microsoft & NeverFail Technology Consulting, delivering Enterprise Solutions to Blue Chip Organizations globally, since 1994.

Since 2001, with invaluable mentorship help and support from my Spiritual Leaders,  My Rabbi (Rabbi Lapin); Matthew Ashimolowo, Dr Mick Murdock, and Dr Robb Thompson, we have been building on our extensive business consulting foundation to start the Coaching Programme for Business and Marriage, through the lens of Judea/Christian permanent principles --- the things that never change in the ever changing world.

Our strategy is to help people uncover hidden challenges and then strategise ACTIONS to address them in a permanent way. When you're willing to do the work, beyond the sky is your limit!

Investment Culture >>

Also embedded in the Business Programme is the ever so
valuable investment culture that will help your goals and vision to thrive.

There is no one better to invest your money than yourself. Learn the art of how to become self-directed investor in Equity and Crypto Markets. Since 2001, our experience in Equity and Crypto Markets is very reassuring!

Contrary to popular beliefs, investing in Equity/Crypto Markets is about managing risks; not about being right about the direction of a stock/coin and market. This is the framework on which we have been developing our Risk-Managed Equity Market strategies since 2001. This is how Professional Stock Market Traders - top 5% of investors (i.e. people inside the walls of financial markets - the Floor Traders, Institutions, Fund Managers, etc) approach the market and build wealth in a steady and consistent manner.

Be Part of the Vision Marathon >>

The NTSL Coaching Programme (our Vision Marathon) is the GPS to get you to your destination; the risk-managed path towards achieving a goal you've set for yourself. Vision Marathon is specifically your Risk-Managed Strategic Journey Plan for Business Startup and Growth; Investment with Peace of Mind; Digital Marketing to find your Vision and Destiny helpers; and Life Skills honing, using our
LifeChanging 15-minute read eNotes.

Be part of the Vision!
Superpowers For Entrepreneurs

5Fs breaks balanced life down to basic building blocks (Faith, Family, Finance, Friendship and Fitness) and tells you how to assemble them for success.

Get proven and permanent processes (Timeless Principles), gain laser-like focus and reprograms your brain for superhuman ability.

Character Trait is Everything!

Unless you're a swimsuit model, honing your Character Traits will increase your finances in a disproportionate way than your physical attributes.

Character Trait like self-discipline, creativity, courage, are the only things that give you unfair advantage in business, investment, and other areas of your life. Period.

When you learn this skill set, you will always be able to make money and expand your business in impactful ways and set a new bar for your family and lifestyle.

You're a tremendous handicap in the world of business and personal growth if you don't optimise your Character Traits.

Our coaching programme uncovers hidden challenges that can sabotage your success. Your breakthrough lives on the other side of the challenges!

Unlimited Laser coaching

You can receive coaching (for your business startup, existing business, and character traits optimisation) as often as you wish for one low price.

Invariably, whenever you become despondent about not reaching a goal is because you're unidimensional in your Vision --- the development of only one area of the 5Fs (Faith, Family, Finance, Friendship and Fitness) of a complete life.

Personal Trainer or Gym --- the choice is yours.  Pick your next coaching-on-demand slot now!

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Coaching by Design

Our coaching programme uncovers hidden challenges that can sabotage your success. Your breakthrough lives on the other side of the challenges!

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Weekly MasterClass

Wealth is a crown upon the head of the wise. Invaluable Source of Wisdom and Advice for Prosperous Life's Journey without Sorrows. Timeless Truths & Permanent Principles --- Tools and Techniques for Successful Living.

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