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A Top Kingdom of Heaven's Principle for Mankind: In Crisis, Good and Tough Times, God’s Resources/Money ONLY flow to Effective Managers NOT to saints or religious people.



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This Week's Wisdom Talk (Whatever you face today, just do what you know Jesus would do.).

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The greatest ONE THING in life is making calculated, logical decisions for your business and family…

As Jeff Bezos said, "As a senior executive, you get paid to make a small amount of high quality decisions."

Our good Lord, the creator of human beings told us that marriage is a lifetime conversation. But without fully functioning character traits that’s why we are seeing some marriages fizzling out within months. Same apply to friendships, and other human interactions.

You will sink or rise based on your ability to make highly logical decisions.

That’s why we created the 3% Inner Circle (more info here) to unveil the critical decision making process, designed to Optimise Spiritual Backbone (character trait… Creativity, Integrity, Optimism…).

Peter Drucker – the famous Jewish businessman, wrote several articles in Harvard business review, and he eluded us to the truth that you cannot possibly succeed in business (including family… you can never separate business from marriage!) if you’re not aware of the Spiritual Qualities of the people with whom you work.

This essentially means that if spiritual aspects play no role in whatever you’re thinking or do, you will never be able to succeed.

This is key reason most people are unemployable or NOT impactful.

The 3% Inner Circle is designed for people with Eagle-type Mentality, where we Unveil Secrets for Achievers, a place for Uncommon Problem Solvers.

The membership of the 3% Inner Circle is just £10 per month. You probably spend more at Starbucks in a day! Of course you can cancel at any time.

Be of good courage. Be part of it today.



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The 3% CLUB: Secrets For Achievers

The 3% CLUB: Bible Secrets For Achievers Unveiling Secrets For Achievers. When Something Is Not Working, Change The Goal NOT The Vision.

GameChanger monthly Class For Achievers. Study of the Secrets embedded in the Kingdom of Heaven Book, The Bible. Extraordinary Journey to the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

Why “3%”? Because about 97% of people are generally not interested in moving to the next level, they prefer to be comfortable in their discomforts.

That’s why ONLY 3% (the Eagles) of the world population rule the 97% (The Pigeons), even though MAN is hardwired for leadership and Dominion Authority, by our Creator, but most human beings just don’t know it yet.

Timeless Secrets from the Kingdom of Heaven Book, The Bible.

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New Podcast Live: Why the rain is not coming.

Why the rain is not coming Have you been going through a season where nothing seems to be working? You seems to be moving around in the “valley of the dry bones”… no profit, no increase, nothing seems to be coming out of all your efforts … just stagnation and maybe things are starting to slip south, and you still don’t know what to do

Discover what to do to bring the Heavenly rain of blessing over your family, your business, your investment...

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