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Starting and Growing a Business is NOT by chance but by Design.


A Business is a long, grinding journey, NOT 100-metre sprint! It will never be an overnight success. It is a game of Patience. That is the Winning Mindset; contrary to what you may hear or see on social media; and from other sources.


This webcast unveils the 3 critical things you need to know before you start a business journey! If you are already in business, you need to know what needs fixing, for growth!


This webcast is part of our WinningWays Vision Marathon, where we unveil innovative and more time-efficient strategies to start or grow your small business. What you will learn, and subsequent Optional Supportive Private Facebook Group, is a game changer.


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Our classic webcast Titles include: Discovering Your Strengths; The Power of Agreement; Effective Learning Methodology; Finding your Vision Helpers; Training your Mind to Think beyond your Potentials; 5 Critical Steps in Setting a Smart Goal; The 4 Ultimate Investable Assets; Digital Marketing - The Power of Social Media; The Mirage Chasers; Wealth Indicators; Planning with Strategic Thinking; Seven-Steps Proven Experimentation Methodology for Replicating Success Templates; The Daily Battle is King; The Number Game in Decision Making; How To Become Global Player In Gas Oil Market; How the top 5% of Investors approach Equity Market and consistently build Wealth over time; The Law of Master Breakthrough; Shortcut to Distinction; Get Rich Quick Schemes – the Self-Destruct Evil; The Beauty of Dark Years; A Farmer’s Mentality; The Coming Wealth Transfer; Scalable IT for Small Businesses; etc.


We also have weekly (Saturdays @ 2PM and Wednesdays @ 7PM) SneakPeek webcast (with Bonus Sessions and FREE LifeChanging eNote), where you'll find out what's at the core of the Vision Marathon; what's new; how it enables you to build a lifestyle that suits you; plus open up your horizon to opportunities that you may not have thought possible.

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