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What is Failure in Business or LifeStyle?

Failure is a descriptive term by the world to try and pin your current Success at a Temporary bus stop in your Journey of Life. Failure in Business, for example, is a discretionary destination. The Components of the Strategies in your design of your RoadMap determines it. You can be delayed at different TimeFrame at such bus stop because of the wrong RoadMap of LifeStyle (Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness- Fulfilment) or Business you are using to navigate.

According to an ancient saying, there is Nothing new under the sun. That thing you are about to start or you are currently working out, Wise People already have Tried and Proven Solutions; they have already gone ahead of you and created a RoadMap that you can Adapt for the benefits of the ever-changing modern world, to Win; the sky been the limiter!

Failure is therefore a human’s opinion and it is a Relative term. For me, failure could be grossing £250K in business revenue per year. For others like Warren Buffett type people of this world, failure may mean making $500M in Profits per year. How will you define your failure? No human alive can be zero in everything! No creator or manufacturer ever created or designed a thing to fail; your failure is bad for their reputation. It is an Image issue!

Once you understand what failure is NOT ;and the boundary of Reward Package that you are guaranteed by Nature (you, other humans and Mother Nature); failure-mindset will not be an option; the sky will be the limiter! Many of what people refer to as life's failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.

There is something much worse than a failure. That's Ignorance. Get in the Know and Use what you know. Join our FREE Webcasts for more detailed discussions - see the registration button at end of this page.


The Power of Learning from the Top

If you want to be really successful at ANYTHING, learn from TOP people and then Build that Dream by Design. When you Simulate the Experiences of others you will shorten the Learning Curve of Life! Life is Long only when you know how to use it (this is a 5-Star-Wisdom we have learned from the book, "The Shortness of Life" by Seneca - a Roman Stoic philosopher). This key Mindset will position you in the top 1% of Achievers (the Cream at Top) in the world. This is the ONLY one piece of Priceless Advice that we wished we had learned from the start of our Business venture since 1994.

The Modern Mass Media Bias system will continue to bombard us with ANYTHING that will sell because they don’t have your interest in their hearts. You must get smarter at avoiding, like a Plaque, emulating ALL False Time Line for anything; and Instant Success Stories. Your Business may not live long enough to tell a good story to next Generations. You may not live long enough to tell the Story of Courage to your Grandchildren!

For example, you cannot take 20 years to grow into a 200Ibs human and expect to lose that weight in just 30 days! In the True Cycle of Life, amongst all the teachers, Mother Nature is the meanest of all of them. The Forces of Nature (these are Nature and Gravity) will break you and your Business if you go contrary to its ways!

A question for you: Do you know the Top 3 Causes of Business Failure?

Our Commitment >>

We are committed to sharing these 5-Star Gold Nuggets for Generations to come! The end game is to help you to build a Business by Design – a Business that cannot Fail. The framework for such Business exists today!

For Example, the company, General Electric (GE), is able to build engines for aircrafts, with enviable safety standard of about 3 failures per Million!

What will your life look like financially when you start a business and it does not Fail?

No matter how long we have travelled on the wrong road, we can always turn around. Change is Mandatory for Extraordinary results! The game is NOT over yet; although it will at some point for each and everyone of us, as we will die one day.

 To facilitate this effort, we have started 3 PRIVATE FB Membership-ONLY Groups:

"Commodity Deal Moat" <- A place to source for Proven Commodity Buyers and Sellers; share; network; and help others on Commodity Transaction Activities.

"Equity & Options Lighthouse" <- A place to share Equity & Options Trading Strategies, Tips and Tricks; Markets Signals; and help others on Trading Activities.

"Sculpture Generations Impact" <- A place to Build Generational Wealth through Businesses and Investments.

The details on how to join the Groups will be made available during our Regular FREE Webcast - "3 Key Reasons a Business Fails". Other webcasts to our Private FB Group Members include key components of Business; Investment; Generational Thinking; and 4 Key components of a Good Life. If you can't wait and want to join any of the Groups right now >> .

 Learn how the top people, in the world of Business and Investment, have been doing great things under the radar. We have no doubt it will be Life Changing!

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