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NEWS: we now have Equity Market Based Peace of Mind Bitcoin Strategy. Now you can ride the Bubble and Protect against any Burst!

Investment or Business does not come to you. So, be Inspired! There's one investment that supersedes all others: invest in yourself to be a self-directed investor.

Investing business means FREEDOM to drive your passion and enjoy your life!

Investing with Peace of Mind…

Smart people invest to create Wealth for a Purpose – hard times ahead; your night season - your retirement; to put something aside for next generations to start up with; etc. Your investment strategy must be able to profit both in good and bad times - in Rising or Falling Markets.

Contrary to popular belief, investing in Equity Market is about managing risks; not about being right about the direction of a stock and market.

You do not need to agree with anything for it to work for you. Just understand it. The same is amazingly TRUE for the Equity Market Trading or investment.

The Focal Point of Global Money Tsunami is a vital Force Financial Markets are Responding to. Understand this Psyche and position yourself appropriately; your Investment will do well.

In times of crisis, Smart, Savvy investors always move their Assets (in form of cash) into deep and most liquid Financial Markets, buying Equity Stocks, Precious Metals, etc. These are where they pack their assets and wait for the next shift. Geopolitical unrests will continue to affect the flow of scared (frightened) money. Just follow the flow of Money! This is the awesome process of Wealth Transfer!

Our risk-managed Equity Markets Strategy has been Tried and Proven since 2001. We designed it for Profits and Safety. It is designed for Equity Investors to gain risk-managed exposure to price movement in ANY Market Trend (Rising, Declining or Sideways. This is how Professional Stock Market Investors - top 5% of investors (i.e. people inside the walls of financial markets - the Floor Traders, Institutions, Fund Managers, etc.) approach the market and build wealth in a steady and consistent manner.

For example, our Strategy included the Ultimate Equity Market Protection System, as you Maximise Profits... How many times have you sold out your stock position because you’re worried about losing the Profits you have made, only to watch the stock continue to trade up but without you? With this Insurance-based Technique, the Problem is Solved!

Monitoring Instrument...

We have 3 Market Tools to monitor and evaluate equity instruments in an ongoing basis so you can make effective Entry/Buying and Exit/Selling Decisions.

Our Unique Strategy keeps you Invested through Rising and Falling Market Trends. The Ultimate Risks Management System is overlaid on three Major Market Timing Signals:

1. PriceFlow (let you know when a stock is changing direction)
2. ProfitZone (let you know the area with biggest profit potentials)
3. “S” Shape Calculations (estimation of profit potentials in $)

Equity Market investment is truly a Business Without Walls. You can now trade global markets and create wealth from the comfort of your own home, office or any location in the world where you can be connected to the Internet; or from your SmartPhone.

NTSL is Information Technology Company (Microsoft and NeverFail Technologies Consultancy for Blue-Chip Companies globally), with incisive business & investment experience since 1994.

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