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NTSL Incisive Vision Marathon - Business & Investment

Be on fire for your own dreams… If you don’t build your own dreams, someone will bribe you with a salary to build theirs. You will for ever loose the purpose of the Gift you were created with.

This is exciting time for businesses. Bring your ideas to life.

Business is all about problem solving. There are shortages of problems solvers in the world. Discover how to secure your competitive advantage and use your Expertise to become one!

Starting a business or investment can be confusing, especially with ever increasing fake success machine – Get Rich Quick Schemes out there. Watch out for Success Stories without Natural due process. You never see a plant bear fruits overnight; a child grew into adult overnight; a skyscraper built overnight. Your business or investment is no different.

Vision Marathon cuts through the noise, hype and glamour; with our incisive business & investment drive on how to do business; and build steady investment.

You can expect to know what causes a business to fail or stall; what makes your business a great investment for potential investors and partners; how to navigate uncharted terrains ahead; Working Smarter with the Powers of Technology and Social Media; Key tools you need in your Toolbelts; etc. They will make your journey easier!

NTSL is Information Technology Company, with incisive business & investment experience since 1994; that’s a good start!

Starting or Running a Business? No more guessing. Build on success of great minds in business. Your business blueprint/foundation must take care of the 3 Critical Reasons a Business Fails or Stalls. This is what will make your business a great investment, for potential investors and partners. It’ll make your journey easier!

Every human or business has a problem or two they are trying to solve; most of these problems are consistently not being solved. We understand you.

What is your “impossible” goal? ReThink with NTSL now

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