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When crisis comes the world looks for Gifts...

The greatest time in the world for your gift to be developed is in time of crisis. It’s your gift, not your education, that will take you to King’s palace.

99% of people around you every day don’t like you; settle that! What they like is what you got - your gift. You go to visit your dentist because of the gift.

Take a man called Joseph in ancient Egypt for an example. The Pharaoh was in trouble. The economy of Egypt was about to collapse. They discovered a gift in the jail. Pharaoh said, bring him (Joseph) out quickly! And Pharaoh put hefty price tag on Joseph’s gift.

Get ready to discover and/or refine your gift, in our special series of webcasts starting in August 2018.

We are in a crisis that is gradually unfolding with intensity! What is happening globally is very troubling. It all suggests a potent needle has been stuck in the “Everything Bubble” — once and for all. That means you should continue to take protective and defensive actions in your family and business before the mother of all fireworks start going off!

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Starting & growing your Economic Castle, through NTSL Business Consultancy:

Our business consultancy service is designed to help you start and grow your business or grow your existing business through the concept of business analysis and strategizing for the future.

You will draw on our experiences and know-how, accumulated over decades. It will help you navigate the foggy world of Business and/or Investment. This is your road map to avoid guessing. You need a map to hunt for Treasure. Starting & Growing Business is no different.

It’s not what you know that will improve your life. It’s what you don’t know that someone else knows that will decide your future.

Here are some of the topics you can expect from our mentorship:

1. Investing in Falling & Rising Markets, for Profits & Safety.
2. Three key things that decide the Fate of a Crypto.
3. Reaching out to customers that can grow your business.
4. Projects analysis & strategizing.
5. Social Media Awareness.
6. Basic IT knowledge to get through the day; and grow.
7. Working with private lenders to fund your business.
8. Small business Scalable IT Infrastructure for digital world.
9. Webcast from the comfort of your home or office.
10. Private FB group where we share strategies, Tips, etc.

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The Secret War Inside Market Economy…

The secret war in market economy is on driving down cost in your Niche (e.g. in expenditures for research, development testing, evaluation and production), using robotics, digitalization, software and 3D printing; to create improved build quality.

Your business will not be able to survive long term without it. ReThink with NTSL

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Trading Global Markets with Peace of Mind…

Three Major Market Timing Signals, with Insurance Protection for Safety: (1) Let you know when a stock/asset class is changing direction. (2) Let you know the area/setup with biggest profit potentials. (3) Mathematical estimation of profit potentials. (4) Protecting your investments.

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Partnership has its Privileges...

Discover what makes our business a great investment for you.

We draw on decades of Experiences and Expertise across multiple disciplines that enables NTSL to connect the dots, for solving real world problems.

Our brand-new initiative is NTSL Vision Marathon Investment Partnership, for aggressive investors who can trust our investment culture for profits and safety, in rising and falling markets.

The initiative is to leverage our trading capital that – if things turned out as we expected, 10% of the profit – would be distributed in early 2022 to a charity working on solving a rare world problem.

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