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These are where we expose critical business and life-skill strategies that we have learned from top mentors (in the world of business and investment) that we have been following since 1994. We have weekly in-depth webcasts on a range of Road-Map Topics – business and life skills.


Welcome to our Private and Exclusive FB Groups. The membership of Any of the Groups is designed to give a Competitive Advantage in Life (Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness-Fulfilment); Business Growth; and Longevity. You will know things that are not in public domains - that is your Edge in Life!


The old saying that, it is not what you know but it is who you know, is becoming ever more important in your life, in this extremely competitive world of over 7 Billion people. This is key to short-cutting your Learning Curve and reaching your next goal quicker. This is the key mission for our Private Facebook Groups!

If you want to be really successful at ANYTHING, learn from TOP people and then Build that Dream by Design. When you Simulate the Experiences of others you will shorten the Learning Curve of Life! Life is Long only when you know how to use it (this is a 5-Star-Wisdom we have learned from the book, "The Shortness of Life" by Seneca - a Roman Stoic philosopher). This key Mindset will position you in the top 1% of Achievers (the Cream at Top) in the world. This is the ONLY one piece of Priceless Advice that we wished we had learned from the start of our Business venture since 1994.

We do hope you have taken advantage of our FREE Business Webcast! If not, pls don’t miss out! >> http://www.NTSL.com/TheTruth .


Please select the FB Group you wish to join and pay for the monthly subscription. All payments are secured using PayPal System. The PayPal System will automatically collect your monthly due at the same date every month. There will be no need for further intention on your part.


Free First Month Subscription (Pls note that there will be a £1.00 charge for the purpose of payment method verifications.)


All BETA Promotional Prices are valid till end of December, 2016!


Thank you for been a member of the Wining Family!

Commodity Deal Moat

Commodity Deal Moat: A place to source for Proven Buyers & Sellers; share; network; & help others on Transaction Activities.

Russian Gas Oil (JP54, M100, D6, D2, LNG, LPG, etc) BLCO  Gold  Diamonds  Copper  etc. Mandate Roles in Oil Market since 2001.

Promo Price: £29.99 PM (Normal Price:

Sculpture Generations Impact

Sculpture Generations Impact: Building Generational Wealth through Businesses and Investments.

Strategies for Protecting and Maximising your Wealth, for the next Generations.

Promo Price: £29.99 
PM (Normal Price: £99.99)

Equity & Options Lighthouse

Equity & Options Lighthouse: A place to share Equity & Options Trading Strategies, Tips and Tricks; Markets Signals; and help others on Trading Activities.


Smarter, more insightful. Equity & Options Investment Strategies built to grow with your business. Trading since 2001.

Promo Price: £29.99 PM (Normal Price: £99.99)

FB Groups Package Price

Package Price: Commodity Deal Moat + Equity & Options Lighthouse + Sculpture Generations Impact.

Promo Price: £59.99 PM (Normal Price: £299.97)

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