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You don’t have to agree with a thing to

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>> Evaluating viability of crypto coins
>> How to maneuver cryptos buying/selling processes


The Crypto Revolution

At NTSL Vision Marathon, we want to help you stay ahead of the correct

learning curve in Crypto market and make the journey easier. We invite

you to preview our incisive peace of mind strategy for Profits and Safety,

in the Cryptocurrency Market.


When you approach Cryptocurrency Market the correct way,

the reward is unlimited --- with Limited Risk.


Our experience in the financial markets since 2001 is very reassuring.

We make the journey easier!

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Unique Investment Strategy. Steady Growth. Better Results.

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Our Webinar Benefits


#1- Risk-Free & Easy to Attend
Our webinar is completely Risk-Free. Your Risk-Free webinar gives you the

opportunity to discover the package we have put together self-directed

investor in Cryptocurrency Market. No Hype, no Story --- just

Unbiased four-steps evaluation of Cryptos to buy, sell or hold. Our

service is 100% independent, unbiased, objective discussions and

evaluation of selected cryptocurrency’s risk, reward potential,

technology, and adoption (Surging Usage). We're not driven by

any compensation from sponsors or issuers of ANY coin!
#2- Quality Service, Low Price
You’re not a Number. We don’t put you in a Box, as your investment is

unique to your circumstances. Don’t decide until you see our Free

Preview Webinar --- Risk-Free!
#3- Simple Transaction Instructions
Simple Transactions Manoeuvre --- Clear and simple instructions for

manoeuvring the hops in Cryptocurrency market transactions.
#4- Preparedness for Uncertain Times Ahead
Our key mission is to help you plan to protect your family, business and

wealth, against the coming mother-of-all financial crisis that is unfolding

before our eyes --- the signs of the calm before the tsunami

are everywhere across the world!
#5- Our Experience is Reassuring
Vision Marathon has been in Business and Investment markets since

1994. Our Microsoft Technology Consulting, Risk-Managed Equity

Markets Strategies, and Digital Marketing (Google, FB and Twitter)

experiences are very reassuring.

#6 - Free LifeChanging eNote
Every month, we give away one of our lifechanging eNotes (from a

collection of over 67 topics on business, investment and lifeskills)

to every attendee of our webinars. Our eNotes are designed

for you to do battles and continue to win in life.


Unique Investment Strategy. Steady Growth. Better Results.

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