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NTSL (Network Trading Solutions Leadershift) core background has been in Microsoft & NeverFail Technology Consulting, delivering Enterprise Solutions to Blue Chip Organizations globally, since 1994.

Since 2001 we have been building on that foundation to start other business ventures including Gas Oil/Green Energy Consultancy; Developing Financial Markets Safety and Profits Strategies for Trading Global Equity Markets in ANY Direction; and Development of Business Startup and Growth Programme.

At NTSL we believe that a Business, Investment or Life journey is not a 100-meter Sprint; it is a Marathon.

Our Mission has been to consolidate all our expertise (that started in 1994, including IT Consulting; Business, Investment and Digital Marketing) into one Programme called the VISION MARATHON. The NTSL Vision Marathon is the GPS to get to your destination; the risk-managed path towards achieving a goal you’ve set for yourself.

Vision Marathon is specifically your Risk-Managed Strategic Journey Plan for Business Startup and Growth; Investment with Peace of Mind; Digital Marketing to find your Vision and Destiny helpers; and Life Skills honing, using our LifeChanging 15-minute read eNotes. Be part of the Vision!
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NTSL Business Startup & Growth
This counselling and mentorship help you to discover your core skill; develop it into a viable business; package the business; refine it. You can then serve your business products/services to the world, using our digital marketing best practices, locally, nationally and globally. 

From day one, we will help you to set up your business, using our Generationally Frame-Work that will enable you to transfer the business and wealth to future generations.

We deal with the 5 critical reasons that cause 85% of startups to fail within 2 years of launch. Identifying grave errors of judgment that can send your business into terminal decline is non-negotiable!

For example, rushing the launch of a business when woefully unprepared. Even when you believe you have that Midas touch (when it seems like everything you touch turns to gold), some dire business and life mistakes can affect your business and reputation. Thinking for yourself is the most precious Golden Rule!

There are webcasts on various Life Skill Issues so you grow your business.

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Trading Global Equity Markets In Any Direction
There is no one better to invest your money than yourself. Learn the art of how to become self-directed investor in Equity Markets. Since 2001, our experience in Equity Markets is very reassuring!

Contrary to popular beliefs, investing in Equity Market is about managing risks; not about being right about the direction of a stock and market. This is the framework on which we have been developing our Risk-Managed Equity Market strategies since 2001. 

This is how Professional Stock Market Traders - top 5% of investors (i.e. people inside the walls of financial markets - the Floor Traders, Institutions, Fund Managers, etc) approach the market and build wealth in a steady and consistent manner. 

Our webcast option allow you to learn in your own place, in your own time and at your own pace.

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Using Digital Marketing To Find Vision Helpers
NTSL has been part of Google Ads Program since 2001. We have added Facebook, Twitter to our portfolio since 2009. These are powerful Internet Search and Social Search Tools. Our experience is very reassuring!

These powerful toolset arsenals give our clients the ability to reach out to customers that can grow their businesses; and are smarter ways to search for their Vision and Destiny helpers, globally.

Once you understand a thing, it will work for you. Digital Marketing is the real game in town to reach out and find what you're looking for. Think with NTSL!

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Life Changing eBook Series
Our LifeChanging 15-Minute read eNotes are normally between 3-5 pages long and can be read at one seating.

They are ideal Life skills honing toolset for dealing with tough and challenging situations (Business, Investment and Lifestyle). Each eNote comes with FREE complementary webcast session, where we discuss real life issues and solutions.

Life Changing eNote Topics included: Dealing With A Wind Of Challenge; The Power of Agreement; The Greatest Tool on Earth; Managing Time and Change; Living a life of Greatness; Starting Your Own Business; The Leaders of Tomorrow; Forecasting Your Future; Wired To Perform; Creating Sustainable Wealth; Invest like the masters; Creating Sustainable Wealth; The Timeless Problem of Poverty.

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Global Consultant For Commodity and Energy Markets
NTSL is a lighthouse in the fog of Nigerian BLCO (Bonny Light Crude Oil) market; and Russian Crude (REBCO) and Gas Oil (D2, JP54, MAZUT M100, LNG, LPG, D6) Market. Don't buy without talking to us first!   

Russian Oil >>
Our key Russian sellers are veteran refinery sellers across Russian Federations. So sellers are able to meet very large quantity order. We also have other large scale veteran resellers in Europe and USA. Procedures included CI-Dip-Pay; FOB to any safe destination, including Russia, Rotterdam and USA.

Nigerian BLCO >>
BLCO is the most Refinery-Friendly Crude Oil on earth. Our BLCO sellers are Proven veteran sellers (Nigeria, Africa, USA and Europe) in BLCO market and able to meet very large quantity order from 2M to 10+ bpm.  Sellers' procedures for CIF and FOB, strictly DIRECT LOADING ONLY.

We have provided our potential buyers (both Russian and Nigerian) our FREE Buyer's Readiness CHECKLIST to ensure a buyer is ready with adequate fund and logistics to close a deal.

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Microsoft & NeverFail Consulting Services
In the world of IT Consulting, Experience is very reassuring.  NTSL has been proving IT services since 1994. 

NTSL Consulting Services help businesses around the world overcome issues (including vendor vulnerabilities, mis-configured software, etc) that threaten Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Network & Microsoft Exchange Email availability. 

The CLOUD is now the game in town. But have you ever wondered about the scenario when you simply can't reach the Cloud? What will the daily impact on your business will be? Can you keep business almost as usual as you anxiously await the Cloud restoration?

In the fast moving business world of today, keeping business as usual is a mammoth task.  A cost effective disaster recovery and high availability solutions are no longer a matter of choice. NTSL NeverFail consulting solutions structured around VMware will keep your network running when unavoidable failures occur.

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